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XP Movie Maker - how to export clip lists?

Discussion in 'Windows XP' started by stelliger, 2017/11/11.

  1. 2017/11/11

    stelliger Well-Known Member Thread Starter

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    I've finally gotten around to importing some of my years-old Digital 8 tapes before the tapes, and the player, die.

    The one machine I have with a 1394 port on it is an XP machine and I'm using the old Movie Maker to do the capture to DV format (I'll convert and edit later). There's a "create clips" function, which makes a playlist of timestamps on the file named for the date they were filmed. The clips are all part of one larger file, however. I can easily copy said file, but I wouldn't mind having the clip lists saved, too, so I could load them later or on another machine.

    I find all sorts of info relating to exporting the clips themselves (as in generating media files) but nothing regarding how to save the definitions of the clips. Any ideas?

    Also, a related question is whether there are any players which can read the date info in the DV file which I imported, presuming it's still part of the stream?

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