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Which Java version???

Discussion in 'General Internet' started by psaulm119, 2018/05/11.

  1. 2018/05/11
    psaulm119 Lifetime Subscription

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    I run a special portable app browser (Pale Moon, which still supports Java) on my desktop, usually only for accessing an online bank account, which uses Java to run a "scan and deposit your check online" service, which is nice--we don't have to endorse and put a check in our mailbox that faces the street.

    After installing the latest update to Java SE 8 (171 I think it was), they announced an end of life for support for Java 8. I then saw a link to another page, that talked about other versions with higher numbers). Java SE | Oracle Technology Network | Oracle

    According to that page, the highest version is actually 10.0.1. I was surprised that I hadn't been prompted to update it to higher version numbers.

    Regardless, let's not worry about security across the interwebs. This particular browser is only for accessing one single site.

    Is there a reason why I shouldn't update to Java 10? Are 9/10 only for enterprise?

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