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Help me understand "Default Reply To" address

Discussion in 'Windows Server System' started by WorldBuilder, 2015/02/26.

  1. 2015/02/26

    WorldBuilder Well-Known Member Thread Starter

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    Hi all,

    I am confused. Please help. In Exchange 2010, if a user, for whatever reason, has TWO email addresses, how does that work? Here is an example...

    I have a user named Rich whose email address at some point in history was "richs@domain.com ". At a later point it became "rlastname@domain.com" and that is his default reply address.

    So... If someone emails him at the "richs@" address and he replies, does the reply go out as "rlastname@ "? And all subsequent replies are to that?

    Am I wrong?

    What else should I know? Sorry if this is a silly question that I, as a quasi-email-admin should know, but I don't. So... Help! Thanks!

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