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File won't load

Discussion in 'Windows 8' started by STILLEXIST, 2017/05/06.

  1. 2017/05/06

    STILLEXIST New Member Thread Starter

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    Hey ladies and gentlemen,

    I would like to share a problem i had and the solution i found for it with you.

    I used my pc one day and after finishing playing a game i clicked on a folder on my desktop in which i keep all the shortcuts so that to not waste a lot of ram.But the file opened and it was loading all the time,it did not show any archives in it it said there were no files and it was loading to load them from the hard drive.I didn't want to wait until the folder load and i closed and reopened it many times and every time i did so the file said "no respoding",i even made a reboot but the problem was not solved.The solution was to zip this file(i used 7zip)
    and open it with 7zip and it opened and then i extracked the shortcuts of the zipped folder on an another folder and i had my shortcuts i could then delete the buggy file and create a new one but i saw that the file then opened just fine.It loaded instantly like it should be.I know it's strange but this was it guys,just to know
  2. 2017/05/06
    lj50 Lifetime Subscription

    lj50 SuperGeek WindowsBBS Team Member

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    Hello STILLEXIST and welcome to WindowsBBS.com. Thanks for the solution. I know that in the future another member will benefit from your solution. I'll certainly make note of it for future reference.

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