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Resolved Buying A NAS Server

Discussion in 'Networking (Hardware & Software)' started by John32073, 2018/07/11.

  1. 2018/07/11

    John32073 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

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    I am looking to buy a NAS server,This will be my first NAS Server,
    I am going to use it for my cloud service and for TV media (cutting the cord)
    I want to backup all my files, video, & pictures, and all the cell phones in my family so the can connect remotely over the internet back up stuff on their,
    I do not Think I will be working on files directly on the NAS only Storing files their the Updating them Pulling them back to my computer to edit make changes the sending back to the server.
    I am to use it a lot for TV media, streaming I am Looking at these Ready made units, I am going to use RAID 1 and 4TB hard drives on 2 Bays

    Synology 2 Bay DS216J NAS Diskstation
    I see this has 512MB memory That worries me is it enough?
    Synology 2 Bay DS218J NAS Diskstation Is about the same
    Next is
    QNAP TS 231p-US
    This on has 1GB of memory I like that, and the price More memory that the Synology ds216J and ds218J have.
    But then I noticed that the
    QNAP TS 251 Has a faster CPU and supports Media Transcoding
    Media Transcoding Is this something I need for that will help streaming TV ?
    Then this one
    QNAP TS 251A

    This one has a HDMI port on front

    What do you think is the best for a just a home NAS cloud box?
    I am new at this NAS Server stuff
    Thanks for your time reading this
    Your thought will be helpful
  2. 2018/07/11

    Arie Administrator Administrator Staff

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    I went "all out" and got a QNAP TVS-471...
    As for your choices, I would suggest QNAP over Synology. Forget the TS-231P, with a Alpine AL-212 CPU, if you ever wanted to run Plex you would have no transcoding capabilities (see Plex NAS compatibility list)

    To learn a bit more about Media transcoding, see this article or this article on the Plex site

    The TS 251A has the best capabilities, including a 4K HDMI port.

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