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WindowsBBS.com - Contributing Membership

WindowsBBS.com Contributing Membership.

Q: Why should I need to contribute, I can get the same for free?
A: By contributing, you support WindowsBBS.com, and you will get some additional benefits in return.

Q: What are the benefits of contributing?
A: Firstly, no more advertising! No banners, text ads, nothing!

You will also have these additional benefits:

  • The ability to use a larger Avatar (Avatars are small graphical images that you may choose in your profile. They are displayed below your username on all posts that you make.)
  • Choose a custom User Title, replacing the standard Member, Senior Member, Geek Member or SuperGeek title.
  • The ability to send/forward 15 Conversation Messages at a time (normal user = 3)
  • The ability to post attachments (text/images)
  • The ability have a signature with 3 links, 3 images and 500 characters
    • Email (YOURNAME@WindowsBBS.com)
      • Email will be forwarded to an account you specify
      • Email is filtered through our Spam filters
      • Email is scanned for viruses
  • The ability to stand out on the BBS by having your user status changed to Contributing Member or Lifetime Subscriber (on request only)


WindowsBBS.com keeps growing and so have been the costs of keeping this service available. WindowsBBS is run by volunteers, so we can keep the costs low, but there are server costs, bandwidth charges, and software licensing costs to be met.

To offset our costs, we show advertising on WindowsBBS.com. Some users do not like advertisements, and for those we offer a contribution option. If you are a paying contributor, you will not see any advertising when you log into your account at WindowsBBS.com.

This is a free site, and contributing is completely voluntary. All donated money will help us pay for computer hardware, the internet connection, server software, and other fees that apply directly to running the site.

So how much do you charge?

$25 US dollars a year1. No, we are not going to offer a shorter term. The administrative costs involved, and the work to set up your new account, do not make it feasible to work with shorter periods.

1) A "LifeTime" option is also available for $60!

Q: How can I contribute?
First, you have to be a registered user of the WindowsBBS. If you are not, first register, because you'll need your username & email address to complete the registration.


Pay using our PayPal donation system.

Once we receive your payment confirmation, you'll be contacted to provide further details to continue the process.

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