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spiritgirl 22nd September 2010 14:37

Issue with Magic Jack on my USB
Hello, I have searched the Forums and not found an answer to my problem, so here goes. I have Windows XP Pro. Media Center. I have Magic Jack on my USB, some how the Magic Jack has taken over my CD Drive. The MJ needs 2 drives to work, but I don't know who decides which ones to use. It has used my USB K, and taken over my CD Drive-E so I can't use it at all. If I unplug the MJ it takes the CD Drive with it, if I uninstall the MJ the CD Drive is gone to. The CD Drive is no place on my PC unless I replug or reinstall the MJ. I have spent hours with MJ support and they have no idea what to do. I can't even buy a new one because when I unplug the old one I'm left without my CD Drive. I am new so I hope this makes sense. Please help!

markmadras 22nd September 2010 16:21

Welcome to BBS.

Sounds like something has messed up your CD drivers. Leave the MJ unplugged for the moment and take a look in Device manager and see if your CD drive is in the list, it may well have a yellow triangle over it. In this case you need to re-install the drivers.

drhans2 22nd September 2010 16:50

Lets try to make sense of whats going on..

MagicJack acts like 2 cd drives when plugged into your usb port... That's normal. It should assign the next two available drive letters to the MJ. IE: Assuming you have a floppy drive (A:\), your hard drive would be (C:\), your actual CD or DVD drive would be (E:\), then when you plug in your MJ it would assign drives (F:\) & (G:\) to the MJ.

In the past the 2nd drive assigned to MJ could get corrupt, you'd get a error message... and you would need to formatted that drive.. Than MJ would reinitialize and ask for your logon data again..

That issue has gotten better since MJ now stores your contacts on their server and downloads them every time you plug in the MJ.

First make sure your computer & onboard CD drive is working ok. Without the MJ plugged in go to "Control Panel" from the "Start" button and click on "System" icon. Then the "Hardware tab", then "Device Manger".. once there make sure there are no "x" or "!" before each entry. (unless you disable the device in question).

Next click on the + in front of DVD/CDRom Drives on the list of hardware and make sure you agree with what installed on your computer.

If all is normal, back out to your desktop and plug in your MJ. Does it initialize and bring up the software dialing pad? Are you able to make phone calls?

If so than all should be ok.. and you should also be able to use your onboard cd drive.

When you unplug the MJ the two drive letters assigned to the usb port IE: MJ.. will disappear.. that normal.

I don't understand what your saying about buying a new one because your left without your CD Drive, are you booting from a "live CD"?, if so I don't think you MJ will work in that configuration.

spiritgirl 22nd September 2010 22:34

drhans thank you for responding to my problem, but I guess I didn't explain the situation well enough. My MJ has 2 drives,k and e, the problem is that the e drive is my CD Drive. I understand that MJ can use the E drive but it won't let me use it. If I unplug the MJ the CD Drive disappears from my computer. Not on Disk Manager at all. It only comes back if I replug the MJ. Same thing if I uninstall the MJ, the CD Drive disappears and only comes back when MJ reinstalls itself. I can't seperate the MJ from the E Drive, which is the CD Drive, I've even tried to change the drive letter, it doesn't matter, the MJ just takes over whatever letter I assign to the CD Drive. I can't use the CD Drive at all. I mentioned buying another MJ out of frustration, but it wouldn't do any good since I have to unplug the old one, thus losing the CD Drive with it. I hope this made more sense, I am so happy someone is trying to help me.

spiritgirl 22nd September 2010 22:51

markmadras, Thank you for responding and trying to help. I don't think it is the Drivers, I checked, updated all of them. The Magic Jack is using USB k and E which is my CD Drive. I can't use my CD Drive at all, the Drive shows it's full and there isn't anything in there except the MJ. If I unplug the MJ it takes the other drive with it, which is the CD Drive. I doesn't show in the Device Manager at all if the MJ is unplugged and returns when I replug the MJ. The same if I uninstall the MJ it takes the CD Drive also and doesn't show up on the Device Manager until the MJ reinstalls itself. I can't seperate the MJ from the CD Drive, I even tried to change the drive letter, that didn't work eather. MJ just started using the new drive letter. I hope this makes sense.

markmadras 22nd September 2010 22:55

Lets take this one step at a time. Forget about the MJ for the moment and lets see if we can get your CD drive back to normal. Leave the MJ unplugged.

Go to 'Device Manager' from 'Control Panel' and click on CD DVDrom drives which should show your CD drive. This will probably have a yellow triangle over it with '!' inside it.

Report back with your findings.

spiritgirl 22nd September 2010 23:12

markmadras_The CD/DVD is not listed in Device Manager with the MJ unplugged.

markmadras 22nd September 2010 23:59

Did you reboot after disconnecting the MJ, if not, reboot and then you may see a message appear saying that windows has found new hardware, also check again in Device Manaager for the DVD drive. Is DVD in the list? you have to expand it to show the drive.

If it has not appeared, try this, take your time and be carefull to follow the instructions to the letter.

CD-ROM or DVD-ROM Drive Appears To Be Missing:

1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
3. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:
4. Click the REG_MULTI_SZ data type UpperFilters, and then click Delete on the Edit menu. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
5. Click the REG_MULTI_SZ data type LowerFilters, and then click Delete on the Edit menu. When you are prompted to confirm the deletion, click Yes.
6. Quit Registry Editor, and then restart the computer.

Go into the Device Manager and see if your DVD drive is in the list.

If you are not happy to edit the registry I'll try to provide another solution.

lj50 23rd September 2010 03:18

First. Back up the registry.

markmadras 23rd September 2010 10:02

:eek: Thanks lj50, careless of me to forget that very important instruction.

Spiritgirl, you should do this before making the registry edits, just incase you make a mistake. Click on the link:

markmadras 23rd September 2010 12:25

Spiritgirl, I have some more information. I was sure I had seen an automated fix somewhere that does the same job as the instructions in post 8 but it took a while to find. This will save you having to mess around with the registry, but I would still recommend that you follow the link in post 10 to back up your registry first.

Click on this:

I hope this works, then we can sort out the problem with drive letters to stop the MJ assuming the drive letter of you CDrom, I will be researching the problem while you try to get your CDrom back in the system.

spiritgirl 23rd September 2010 21:02

Markmadras_Hello, I have some questions, I went to the site you suggested and ran the Fixit. It told me something is wrong with my CD Drive and it can't fix it. Before I go messing with the Registry I need to add some info. Last week Itunes started giving me a message that the "files that Itunes Drivers use to Download and transfer music are missing from the Registry". I ran the Itunes Diagnostics and it had me go to the Registry to check for the Upper and Lower Filters. I found the Lower Filters but no Upper, so it told me how to add the Upper Filter, and that fixed the Itunes problem. I was hoping that would fix the MJ-CD problem but it didn't. So if I Delete the Upper and Lower Filters does that mean the Itunes won't work again. I hate to sound stupid but I don't even know what these Filters do, are they necessary or not? Let me know.

spiritgirl 23rd September 2010 21:08

MarkMadras_ Hi, I forgot to tell you that I Uninstalled the MJ and unplugged it then rebooted but Windows didn't reinstall the Drivers when it came back. The CD Drive comes off the Device Manager when I uninstall or unplug the MJ.

markmadras 23rd September 2010 22:17

:eek:sounds like we have a catch 22 situation.

Don't feel stupid not knowing what the filters do because neither do I:o. After a lot of research I found the solution (removing the filters) on several different sites so felt confident enough to suggest this as a cure.

I'd like to suggest one fairly easy process just to see what the result is. Click start, control panel, add new hardware. Then use the find new hardware wizard to see if it will find your CD drive. The CD drive that appears in Device Manager is probably just the MJ it just looks like your CD drive.

It sounds as if removing the filters is going to mess up iTunes but it may be a way to determin if your CD drive does have a problem.

While I am searching for another solution perhaps other members would like to contribute to this thread. Please be patient as I am sure we can resolve this problem for you:).

markmadras 23rd September 2010 22:56

Another check you can do is to look in the bios. The first screen that appears at boot up shows some options one will be for 'set up', usually the 'del' key. You need to be quick to hit the key or you will have to reboot. Once there select CMOS features. If this does not list your CD drive then the drive is either faulty or there is a loose connection. Names used and keys to press for 'set up' may vary but as I don't have your system details I can't be more certain.

It would help to know the name and model of your PC.

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