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Old 20th September 2002   #1
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Why cmd.exe dos screen at startup???

XP home edition had been running well. Now, when xp gets to the startup screen all my progrms load ok, but a dos screen with the name c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe pops up for about 4 seconds then disapears. Then another 2 seconds pass and it pops up again for 2 seconds then disapears and never comes back. This happens every time the computer is restarted. Lately my computer seems to be getting slower and I don't know if this is affecting it. Under applications, nothing is running after the dos screen diapears, but under procesess, I don't know what should be there, so I don't know if it is adding anything and slowing down the computer. What is this dos screen??? How can I get rid of it? If I can't get rid of it, how can I find out what processes should be running right at startup to see if it is adding anything. But really, I just want to get rid of that anoying c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe dos sceen. By the way I even tried reinstaling the os system over my existing one to see if it would get rid of it. All my programs and files were still there and unfortunetly the dos sceen also came back. Xp still seems slow also.

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All I can suggest is that you do a search using the text string c:\windows\system32\cmd.exe and leaving the file field blank. Be sure you are set to search Hidden and System files, XP search is pretty lame that way and you must lead it by the nose.

That should turn up any files that contain that command line and with that information we may be able to determine how to fix it.

I just ran a test by inserting that command in my autoexec.bat file and it came up on search right away. I'm not suggesting that the autoexec.bat is where your command is located but let's find out.

Post back with your results, it'll take 10 minutes or so to do that kind of search.

I'm headin' fer the goosehair and I'll check for any updates tomorrow.


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stoooo - what do you have loading via the the startup folder(s)?

Some programs require a cmd window to function so they may be running it and if so, you may not see the specific string for cmd.exe anywhere.

Not likely on a home system but some of the network policy things will run exactly what you describe to load and make settings changes and then go away.

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