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Old 1st June 2008   #1
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Unable to connect to DHCP server.

My cable internet connection refuses to connect. The ISP is Charter, but they say that it is not a problem on their end. When the modem/gateway was tested on another computer, it worked just fine. But whenever I connect the LAn to my computer, I receive a "Limited or no Connectivity" alert. The details state that the network has not assigned the computer a network address. And when trying to repair, the computer will not connect to the DHCP server. It comes up with an error message stating that the connection has timed out.

Here's what I thought was a bit strange, however. While the connection has not quite established from the modem, the DHCP server DID assign the computer a network address. But when the connection was fully established, the network restarted the connection completely, and would not assign a second time. Is this truly a problem on my end, or is it something with the network after all?

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Welcome to the BBS!

Do all below in the order given!

You may have a bad NIC or hosed driver for it, but lets see!

Here you go!

Go to Local Area connection and set both IP and DNS to Obtain automaticly!

Then go into Services and make sure Computer browser, DHCP Client and Workstaion are all set to Automatic and started.

Reboot here if you made the above changes and test.

If it now works tell me what changes of all above you did or did not have to make.

After reboot and still not working do the following:

Drag mouse with left button down the lines below across then paste each line below 1 at a time to an open CMD prompt and hit enter, ignore any errors for now.

Since you are comunicating on another computer then you may have to type them but watch for the spacing. Or paste them to a notepad document and burn to floppy or CD.
netsh interface ip delete arpcache

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /release *

ipconfig /renew *

ipconfig /registerdns

nbtstat -RR

netsh winsock reset catalog

That don't work I have another shot. So lets hope it works to here!


EDIT: bet the ip address it got for you earlier was!

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There is some information and instructions here:
under the heading "Downloads, Equipment, User Guides & 3rd Party Links" and check under "Internet Troubleshooting".

My daughter had me troubleshooting for an hour or so. The problem was that she had set "Disconnect from the internet" in the firewall.


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