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Old 20th December 2006   #1
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Windows XP Setup won't start after copying files

So basically I just built myself a new PC. And I boot up the Windows XP SP1 Disk that I have been using for the past couple years now. It recognizes both of my SATA2 Drives off the bat (One being brand new that I just bought) and so I choose my brand new one to install Windows XP on. It formats the drive using NTFS (Quick and full formats) and copies all the installation files and everything just fine, then it reboots itself and when it gets to the black screen that has the big "Windows XP" logo and the little bar near the bottom of the screen (ie the loading splash screen) it just freezes up. Well, not really freezes cause the little bar keeps moving from left to right, more like gets stuck in an infinite loop or something and will just sit there, and when I click num lock on my keyboard it will not do anything, so basically everything is now non-responsive till I reboot.

Theres a couple of things that come to mind with what may be wrong. First off it's a SATA2 drive and I've heard about Windows XP not liking these drives, but ive had windows on my sata1 drive and it ran just fine before, and i thought loading the sata drivers on a floppy was just so it would recognize the drives, it already recognizes the drives. I've never had to mess with SATA drivers before.

Also when I get to the screen to choose a particular partition to install windows on, the drive that used to be labeled F: (the one i took out of my old computer that is just an ntfs partition that i use to store movies/music on) is now labeled C:, but ive gone into my BIOS and configured it to boot off of the correct drive, don't know if this could have an effect on anything or if there is a way to change this. The drive that i install windows on will often call itself drive D: or something, which is odd because usually the DVD drive is drive D:

The other thing is when I was putting my PC together, I accidentally tried to put the DVD burner IDE cable in the wrong way on the drive and I pushed one of the little pins part way in. I was worried at first, but BIOS detects the drive and I have no problem booting from a CD in the drive, don't know if that could have anything to do with it, I would think if it had trouble copying files or something like that that it would tell me yet it gives me no errors with this drive. If it came down to it I have the old burner from my old computer that I could use but id rather not.

My computer is as follows:
AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+
1gb Corsair XMS2 DDR2800 5-5-5-15 (originally detected as 5-5-5-18)
160gb Sata2 3gb/s western digital hard drive (the drive i want windows on)
250gb samsung sata2 3gb/s (my media drive
Asus AM2 M2N-E Nforce570 Ultra motherboard
BFG 7900GS PCI-E 256MB video card
Antec Smartpower 400W psu
Floppy drive (yes i did put one in :P)

Let me know if you need any more info about my current setup.

I just don't understand why windows would not like to start up. I have tried running the installation multiple times but the same thing keeps happening, just gets stuck at the XP loading screen thingy. This one really has me puzzled cause this is all new components that I just bought, and windows just seems to be funny here. Any help you guys can provide would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

edit: Also, I have my DVD drive configured as IDE Master drive, with no ide slave. The SATA drive i want to install windows on is in the sata 1 port on my motherboard and my other drive is in sata 2 port. I dunno why but ive always just had my dvd burner as ide master before and not had any problems, mostly cause i didnt want to mess around with jumpers and such.

I have also run memory diagnostic and it came up with no errors to report on my RAM, so that can't be the problem.

I have just set my dvd burner as ide slave, now there is no ide master drive, just the slave and two sata disks. Also i used a small pair of pliers and pulled out the pushed in pin, seems fine now, and i tried to reformat/reinstall. Again i get frozen at the loading screen. Any ideas?

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I would be quite certain that it is a drivers problem. You don't seem to need the 250Gb drive for installation, so disconnect it until you have Windows up and running. Same goes for any other added hardware, remove any PCI cards etc, until you have Windows installed and working.

Still no luck, go into the startup settings and disable all the onboard hardware like ethernet, soundcard and even USB. When you have Windows running you can reenable them one at a time and install the drivers using the Add New Hardware wizard.

This may or may not require installing Windows again (it only takes 15-20 minutes to copy the files, so you may as well start over).

Windows may be selecting the wrong drivers to install for some of the hardware or it may be a resource conflict. If you find the onboard ethernet, soundcard, etc, is causing a conflict you will need to use an add-in card. It is most likely conflicting with the graphics card...if you were to use an Asus graphics card on the Asus motherboard you may find no problems at all .


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