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Old 6th July 2005   #1
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Once again, I've done something wrong ... volume control

Today I accidentally deleted a program that I guess controlled my volume. When I couldn't play music with iTunes, I knew something was up. I checked all the wires and they seemed fine. Then I tried to open up my volume control or sound control or whatever it is.

It said it could not be opened because there was no device installed or something. Then it told me to go add new hardware.

I think I deleted something that sounded like Avantec Sound Rack Man. It was something like that.

I found my Restore CD and was wondering if it was smart to use it.
Or maybe System Restore?

I need your help. Please.
I also tried to download an alternative and done something else wrong. Somehow my gut tells me Minimixer is not a good program.

Sigh. Please help.

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My System
Oops Happens sometimes!
I found my Restore CD and was wondering if it was smart to use it.
That would not be a smart idea Most Restore CD's format the drive and restore the computer to the state it was in when delivered to you. This means that all your data is lost.

Your best bet for starters would be to use System Restore to restore your computer to a point in time prior to the deletion of the sound device. I cannot be sure that this will resolve the problem as only system files are restored, but give it a go.
Avantec Sound Rack Man
Does Avance sound familiar - I guess you have an Avance AC97 onboard sound device.

As there are many drivers for that it would be helpful to know the make and model of your computer.

It would also be helpful if you could provide the information derived from here ....

Right click My Computer icon > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager and scroll down (if necessary) to Sound, Video and Game Controllers, expand that section by clicking on the + sign. What do you see there - any yellow exclamation marks? Please post a list - see screenshot below of Device Manager.

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