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Old 27th November 2004   #1
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Missing Upgrade Files

While upgrading from Win 2K to XP Pro, I received the following error msg 7 times: "File could not be copied" This occurred while copying the following files: themeui.dll, dsound.dll, sylfaen.ttf, pro_seg5.swf,, wmpaud3.wa_ , and wmpaud8.wa_ . How might I obtain these files and where should they be stored on my hard drive?

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Old 27th November 2004   #2
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mtsf47--Have you run a search to be sure you do not in fact have these files on your PC?
Are you having problems with the PC or any programs?
Some of these files do not seem to be Windows files. html32.cnv is a Word file. pro_seg5.swf may to do with Windows Media Player. And the last two are unknown except to an obscure site in Hungarian (really), though the names suggest they also may connected to WMP.

Did you use a retail WinXP Pro CD?

You might find some interesting info here on pro_seg5.swf
You could run Google searches on the others, also.

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Old 27th November 2004   #3
Join Date: Nov 2004
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Yes, I did use a retail version of XP Pro. I'll check out that site.

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