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Old 28th February 2002   #1
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XP Temp Files

Hi, I thought Win XP was good at clearing out it's own mess. I.E, the temp file (C:\WINDOWS\Temp).But then I realized there was another temp file, this one is at:C: \Documents and Settings\'your name'\Local Settings\Temp. To see this, I think I had to go to tools, folder options and show all files. The thing is, that there is 700mb of data in this temp file. Does anyone know if like the other temp file, can all the file be deleted from here? As that's quite a lot of space taken. Thanks

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Old 1st March 2002   #2
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You have to be careful about just deleting Temp files, they may be needed by programs that are running.

Try a program called System Cleaner , it does a great job of cleaning out all the debris that builds up in Windows Temp files... after you run it, it asks if you want to delete the selected files the next time you reboot.

It will also clean out your IE Temp Internet files as well as several other functions.

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Old 1st March 2002   #3
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Win XP allows different users to access the same computer using truly unique user names and passwords. Different levels of access authority can be set, different desktops, menus, etc. As such each registered user has their own temporary internet files folder, history folder, cookies, temp folder etc., some of which are hidden unless you select "Show Hidden Files & Folders in View Options.

Many of the files and folders stored in the temp folder are from items that were downloaded off the interent, program installations that didn't complete, etc.

Personnaly I clean out my temp folder (C:\Documents & Settings\User Name\Local Settings|Temp) once or twice a week, by deleting all of the files and folders residing in or under it. I did this for years in Win 98 and have been doing it with my new XP system every since I got it a couple of months ago, without any problems.

The only time you might want to be careful about deleting your temp files is if you recently downloaded or installed a program. To be on the safe side I always suggest that in these cases a person reboot their system, and then make sure the program installed properly before deleting their temp files.

Hope this helps.

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Old 1st March 2002   #4
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Good.. I just dumped my Temp folder.
I have overlooked this... I always did it with my old computer with a small HD.

What about Temporary Internet Files at the same location?
(C:\Documents & Settings\User Name\Local Settings|Temporary Internet Files)

I have about 82MB, I have IE set to empty the Temporary Internet Files folder.. but doesn't look like it's doing it?

Back again..
Just went to XP Help... it says to run the Disk Cleanup Wizard and get rid of the Temp internet files.

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Old 2nd March 2002   #5
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Location: Denison, IA
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When you set IE to empty your Temporary Internet Files on disconnect it will get rid of parts of the files, like .gif's, html's etc., but it leaves behind the actual website addresses themselves. It behaves the same way in Win95 & 98.

You can run disk cleanup to clean out the temporary internet file folder, or do it manually. If you run disk cleanup it will delete everything in the folder.

Personnaly I manually clean this folder while I'm cleaning out my Temp folder, and Cookies folder. In the Temporary Internet Files and Cookies Folders I leave behind the sites I visit all the time like WindowsBBS, Microsoft, etc. The rest get deleted.

Hope this helps.

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Old 4th March 2002   #6
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robyoung Reputation Level

I use a tweak program to remove the temps when I close. If you have plenty of hard drive it is good to leave them for awhile as it will speed things up the next time you go to the same sites. If you have plenty of memory your speed is better anyway. I have 384mb so I clean the temps alot. If you go to control panel and then internet options, you can click on delete files and it will dump them.

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Old 4th March 2002   #7
Join Date: Mar 2002
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I empty my temp folder also.
But leave all that mess in my recycle bin for a few days, just to make sure they are not needed for any apps. before deleting them permanantly.
I think I learned this from Kevin, back before Win98se was out.

Is Kevin still around?

Hope all is well.

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