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Old 11th February 2003   #1
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Password File in Windows XP: Please Help

I have a two-part question/problem. I'm running Win XP Home Edition with IE 6 (all the most recent service packs) and Windows Media 9.
First, I've noticed that Tools>Internet Options>Auto Complete>Clear Passwords actually doesn't clear passwords on my PC. Not sure why.
I've also found that my version of Media PLayer doesn't seem to want to open password protected files when I enter the Username and Pass. Instead, it kicks the dialogue box back up with the username and eight dots (even though the pass is only 4 characters in lenght). I've hunted high and low for any info on this dilemma, and have decided it might be best to wipe my password file and start from scratch, ala Win 98. I'm finding it hard to locate a .pwl file in XP, and have discovered that Xp uses a different protocol. Cna anyone offer insight into these dilemmas...what can I do.

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The 8 ******** echo is not uncommon. Often used when you have a short password to further mask what it is. Not a problem since the ones beyond your actual password length are a display thing and have nothing to do with your password.

No, the NT systems don't use anything as simple (and useless) as a .pwl file.

If you'd care to open another thread about the password clearing issue - with maybe some detail on how you know it isn't happening, you will get answers. Do put it in the IE section though.

But for this thread as it stands, I'm going to lock it since it violates Rule 6.

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