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latemodelsedan 21st March 2011 15:51

MP4 Playback
just began experiencing a new problem with mp4 playback. prior to four days ago i was able to play any/all video files including mp4's with no problem at all. now all of the sudden mp4's are playing out of sync with audio being a few seconds ahead of video and the video is somewhat choppy whereas it never was before. i have no idea why this happened. i have tried every codec pack i could find and none of them have corrected the problem. i also tried to do a system restore to a point prior to when the problem began and that also didnt help. my pc definitely has the capability of playing these files flawlessly but something is causing this hangup. any ideas/suggestions?

mattman 22nd March 2011 08:26

You don't say if you are using Windows Media Player. If yes, try another player, I use VideoLAN VLC player. Find out if it is the player or some other area that is causing it.

Try and identify the cause, not just install more software that you think will fix it. I always prefer uninstalling third party software or updating Microsoft programs to see if I can find the cause. Installing more software could make it harder to rectify the problem and they could bring problems of their own.


latemodelsedan 22nd March 2011 10:12

hello matt, and thanks for your response. i apologize for omitting the other steps i have taken. i have tried vlc player, media player classic, windows media player, and quicktime. they all have given me the very same results. i definitely did not want to install more software but i really wasnt sure how to tackle this problem. everything worked fine just a few days ago so im assuming something in my system has changed that im unaware of. problem is figuring out what that is. i uninstalled my nvidia display drivers and re-installed them only to achieve same results. im at a loss. i also noticed that in photoshop my actions seem slightly choppy now whereas before they didnt. and upon reboot my desktop icons are now scattered all over the place. im assuming these things are somehow related to the same problem. im hoping its just a configuration problem but i just dont know where. suggestions?

mattman 24th March 2011 08:09

Are they being played from the one drive (your hard drive)? Anyway, start doing clean up. Run Disk Cleanup, uninstall any of the programs (and CODECs) that you don't need. Check you have plenty of space (on your Windows drive). Do a defragmentation.

You can try uninstalling and reinstalling (an updated version of) the audio manager software and drivers.

Run Error Checking (CHKDSK) on your drive/s, especially your Windows drive. Have you tried running the files from a different drive (say, copy them to an external USB drive)?

Check for an update for the chipset drivers at Acer. It looks like it's an nVidia 630i chipset, but it may be manufactured specifically for Acer, so I would get my updates from Acer, not nVidia.

Please put details of the Windows version (Vista) and Service Pack level in your User Profile "My System".

[PS Please try to separate your thoughts into discrete sections and use punctuation, like capitals. It makes it so much easier to read :)]

latemodelsedan 24th March 2011 18:57

They are all being played from an external drive where i store them. The problem with codecs is i really dont know which is best. Right now i am using cccp. i tried matroska, k-lite, and a couple other ones more or less as trial and error to see if in fact the codec pack was the problem. None of them seemed to make a difference. And yes, i have a ton of space on my os drive.

I will uninstall the audio manager software and drivers next, run the defrag, and try to upgrade the chipset drivers. and i will update my system info asap. thank you, matt. I'll get back to you as soon as i complete everything.

latemodelsedan 26th March 2011 19:44

after following all of your suggestions and much trial and error i think i finally determined that it was the display drivers which needed to be re-installed/updated. prior to doing that i was still experiencing the lagged playback even with the installation of the new audio drivers etc. truly appreciate your help. issue resolved.

mattman 27th March 2011 07:03

Cool, very well done. Thanks for letting us know.

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