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tuskertek 26th August 2007 13:59

Vista will not accept updates
My copy of Vista Ultimate has just stopped accepting updates - the system tells me there are 4 new updates but when I try and install them I just get an unsuccessful message.
It has been suggested that a cure for this problem is to delete the contents of c:\windows\softwaredistribution folder.
Does anyone have any helpful suggestions please?

Steve R Jones 27th August 2007 14:39

Did deleting the contents as suggested help?

tuskertek 27th August 2007 15:52

Vista will not accept updates
Have not tried it yet - I don't think windows will allow the whole of the directory to be deleted anyway


tuskertek 27th August 2007 16:54

Vista will not accept updates
Have now tried the procedure to no avail - I get errors 80246007 and 80070002.
Have looked at the BITS service and all is running OK.
Not sure what to try now although I guess a Vista rebuild repair may do the trick - I think once this has been done all updates need reinstalling?

Arie 27th August 2007 18:07

Try this:
  1. Click Start, and in the Search box on the start menu, type CMD, then press Ctrl+Shift+Enter (this will get you an elevation prompt for an Administrator command prompt)
  2. At the command prompt, type net stop wuauserv, then press Enter
  3. Type rmdir /s %windir%\softwaredistribution\wuredir, then press Enter. Type Y to acknowledge the command.
  4. Type net start wuauserv, press Enter
  5. Use the Windows Update Web site again to install updates.

tuskertek 28th August 2007 10:30

Vista will not accept updates
Tried that but no change thanks anyway.

Arie 28th August 2007 12:12

Find error codes associated with the failing update in the WindowsUpdate.log.

The log file will be in \Users\{your user id}\AppData\Local\Microsoft\

Post relevant info here (the bottom 1/3rd of the file might do).

tuskertek 28th August 2007 14:41

Vista will not accept updates
Very strange - no WindowsUpdate.log file at that location. I did find one elsewhere but it was very small and all the activities were dated in January of this year.

tuskertek 28th August 2007 18:18

Vista will not accept updates
The error numbers I get after trying an install are 80070002 and 800B0100 - I don't think these help much.
I have managed to install a sound driver update from the optional selection.
Any comments on doing a Vista rebuild?

Arie 28th August 2007 19:47


Originally Posted by tuskertek
Any comments on doing a Vista rebuild?

Yea, I think that would be the next step. Unfortunately Vista doesn't have XP's 'repair' option, but you can still attempt the 'classic' repair: Re-install Vista while making sure you install it in the same directory as it is currently installed in.

tuskertek 29th August 2007 09:32

Vista will not accept updates
Prior to doing a rebuild I thought I would try "sfc /scannow" to check all system files but this procedure terminates with a "Windows Resource Protection could not perform the requested operation" - any ideas why this is?

With regard to repairing Vista I think I have done this once before adopting the Upgrade option and this left all my files and settings intact - is this likely to be the case?


Arie 29th August 2007 12:11

No sorry, haven't seen that error before.

Master Green 29th August 2007 15:03

The following steps usually apply to Windows Xp but with a little homework, maybe you can see if it or part of it will apply to Windows Vista...Unfortunately I don't have Vista so I can't check it out first hand:

Stop the Automatic Update Service

Click on Start, Run
Type the following command and press Enter


Right-click on the Automatic Updates option in the Name column and click Stop
Close the Services window

Show Hidden Files and Folders

Open My Computer
Click on Tools, Folder Options
Click on the View tab
Under the Hidden Files and Folders section, select "Show Hidden Files and Folders"
Click Ok
Delete the Previously Downloaded Windows Updates

Open My Computer
Double-click on Drive C (or whatever drive Windows is installed on)
Double-click on the Windows folder
Double-click on the SoftwareDistribution folder
Double-click on the Download folder
Click on Edit on the menu bar
Click on Select All
Click on File on the menu bar
Click on Delete and delete everything in the download folder
Return to the SoftwareDistribution folder by clicking on the green up arrow on the toolbar
Double-click on the EventCache folder
Click on Edit on the menu bar
Click on Select All
Click on File on the menu bar
Click on Delect and delete everything in the eventcache folder

Restart the Automatic Updates Service

Click on Start, Run
Type the following command and press Enter


Double-click on the Automatic Updates option in the Name column
Click on the Start button under Service Status to restart the service
Select Automatic under Startup Type to start the service each time Windows starts
Click Ok
Close the Services Window
Download the Latest Version of Windows Update Agent

Click on the following link to download the latest version of the Windows Update Agent and save it to your desktop.

Download Windows Update Agent


If you receive a message stating the Update Agent is already installed follow these extra steps:

Click Start, Run
Click the Browse button
Navigate to where you saved WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe on your desktop and click it one time
Click on the Open button
On the Open line, go to the end of the command. After the last quotation mark type the following


The line should look something like the following now:

"C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe" /wuforce

Click Ok and install the Update Agent

tuskertek 29th August 2007 16:42

Vista will not accept updates
Many thanks - I did follow similar steps in a Microsoft Knowledge document but it did not make any difference - thanks anyway

Arie 3rd September 2007 17:28

Try this: first install the new BITS:Then follow the instructions from this article: An update is available to fix a Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS) crash on a Windows Vista-based computer

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