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Old 16th April 2009   #1
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[Transfer Windows Mail emails from old drive to new]

Hi, can anyone help? I am using a sata cable to transfer my old
hard drive to my new computer... But I can't find the folders with my old emails. I am using "Windows Mail" not Outlook program. Where should I look, for the files what format are they in?

Thanks for the help



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Not a user of Windows Mail, but this should help ....

How to Identify Your Windows Mail, Live Mail or Outlook Express Store Folder

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You can also go to (file)(export)(Messages) in Windows Mail and export to your new drive either in the new windows mail or elsewhere. If not to the WMail folder, open the new WMail(file)(import)(messages) and browse to the location you saved them to.

When I found this method I kicked myself for doing it the hard way for so many times.


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