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Old 26th November 2008   #1
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Windows Vista won't boot

My HP laptop with Windows Vista was working perfectly fine until one day it suddenly wont boot after I turned it on. I didnt remember installing any programs after this occured. I just removed the battery to turn it off and tried to turn it on. Message appeared that an error occured and there was an option to repair it. I chose repair but after loading windows file with the command propmt, it went blank. I waited for like 15 mins but nothing happened. Tried to remove again battery and truned it on. I thought of doing System Restore with command prompt in Safe Mode but still the same - it will load Windows files then will trun blank for minutes. I dont know how to fix this. Please help. Thanks a lot!!!

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First of all, try a Vista Startup Repair, which can cure a lot of problems

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A slow but mostly working way is to burn a CD with GParted
and use it to boot Windows Vista (Do not boot GParted though)

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