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Old 13th January 2008   #1
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VISTA will not shut down

When shutting down VISTA it is hanging at the VISTA is shutting down screen.Sometimes it will get past this screen. After waiting for however long I must turn off the power to get it to shutoff. This seems to be all of the time with shut down and restart and some of the time with just shut down.


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Im no expert, but i found i was having the same problem. I searched the net and found that it might be related to notepad.exe . The other forum suggested that i remove notepad and install notepad2. Have no idea why but it worked for me. If i can find the link i will post it here.

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Old 25th January 2008   #3
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Go to for Vista tweaks.

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Old 26th January 2008   #4
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This is the most "general" I can find in the MS knowledgebase:

There were some specific issues like .net Framework 2 and Bluetooth.

My suggestions are to see if it shutdowns correctly in Safe Mode, if not, that may signify a BIOS problem. Use clean boot to isolate the problem
Look for updates of the major drivers, particularly the motherboard/chipset drivers (Intel call them INF Updates).


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Old 9th February 2008   #5
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Vista Not Shutting Down

I have the same problem. I have bought 4 towers (all HP or Compaq) for clients and in setting up their programs, there is no trouble (as I'm using wired keyboard, mouse & internet) but when I set it up in their home or office with wireless mouse & keyboard (via USB), usb Wireless internet, & usb printer the units will hang up at the shutting down screen, the small circle icon stops revolving and the unit freezes it stays like that for days until I hard Boot). I found by changing the usb Linksys wireless to an internal wireless card, ( in other words) eliminating one usb device, then the system returns to normal (it shuts down). I think it times out before it can shut down. I have not figured out how to increase the shut down time to let it clear all devices. At least thats what I think. Anybody have a better Idea? Thanks HDR

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