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Exchange 2003 how to remove second calendar entry from an outlook ?


Within AD (win2003) I have got two separate users accounts one of them is called General Manager and other is called info.

General Manager user has an email address which is : and info has an email address which is :

While a go a general Manger asked that he wanted a copy of all emails that are delivered to to be delivered to his mailbox as well (means emails that are destined to info mailbox should be destined to his mailbox as well )

What I did as below :

Within Active Directory Users and Computers > select the info user account > Exchange General " tab > " delivery options " > Deliver messages to both forwarding address and mailbox

What happened after that a calendar for was created automatically within the manager office outlook 2003. That means he had two calendars one for general manager and other for info user

These days he asked me to remove the calendar for from his office outlook 2003 (not email).

I tried to think about a proper phrase to search via google but I could not figure out that

What should I do to remove ?


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to remove this ad.

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You may want to look at this site:

Under the Remove section:

How to remove Outlook duplicates, including email, contacts, appointments, and tasks

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