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Old 13th May 2012   #1
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Win 8 error 651 connection error

I probly missed it but i have been doing a lot of research and i cant find a fix for my PC i just put Win 8 on it and im actually likeing it but thats not why im on here.... every time i try to log on i get this error 651 and i have done all the tips and tricks i found almost everything except going back to win 7 or xp. Like I said i probly missed the real fix for this and yes i tried to update the drivers but thats not tha case here so if someone can help me here are my pc stats:

Win 8 consumer preview 64-bit (6.2, build 8250)
HP Pavilion 061
PS494AA-ABA a8939n
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 34000+, ~2.5GHz
1536MB RAM
DirectX 11

If anyone can tell me the real fix other than wait for real Win 8 release or downgrade to win xp or 7 i like Win 8 just only got that one issue and it wont let me replace or rename any file much less the RSPPOE or whatever.
anyways ty and good luck for the ppl that have this same issue lol.

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Sounds like you setup a wrong connection? Do you need PPPoE or VPN?

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