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Old 31st January 2010   #1
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My System

Command line: REDATE for Windows 7

I have found two file/directory redate programs that work on Windows 7.
Both are VERY difficult to use to redate a single file (they obviously were designed for a different use than what I need).

I need a simple, command line, redate program. The one I've been using goes back to DOS days (REDATE.COM at 683 bytes and from 1986! that's how old it is) -- and Windows 7 won't let it run as it had on XP

c:>redate <filename> /MM-DD-YYY {HH:MM}

How much simpler can it be? I've searched and can't find anything.

I need it when creating new related files and want the dates to match the original file they are based on in. Relating by parts of file names doesn't quite work for me.


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Old 1st February 2010   #2
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This one is free: Timestamp
It's open source (free software) but it seems the site wants log in to download any files
Anyway, its a legit safe site, and I used my old email and password I used a long time ago and it worked, so I must have been there before myself (obviously to download some free tool a long time ago)

Anyway I searched Google for a free Windows 7 TimeStamp changer, and after going through a few hits, this one seemed to be the best.
But I run XP and I have the free utility PropertiesPlus that does this too, except I'm pretty sure PropertiesPlus doesn't work on Windows 7 (well basically positive it doesn't)

So try the free Timestamp, and please let me know if Windows 7 is supported, it was last updated 15 July 2009, so you'd think so.

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Old 1st February 2010   #3
Join Date: Jan 2010
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My System
Thanks kimsland, it's a bit better. I can't enter a new timestamp, it takes days & hours to reset the file's existing time. A bit of a pain to have to figure out how to fool it to give me the timestamp I need.. But, it does work.

I won't close the question, hoping I can find a pgm with a better interface.

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