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chas berlin 23rd November 2010 07:24

What is winmsgballoonclient.exe ?
I use Comodo and every time the computer starts Comodo gives a message about winmsgballoonclient.exe asking if I want to allow it, block, or sandbox it.

Evan Omo 23rd November 2010 19:00

Hi Chas. According to a few sites the file is used for RAIDXpert Event Notifier and the path of the file is C:\WINDOWS\system32\WinMsgBalloonClient.exe. If you have the RAIDXpert Event Notifier program on your computer then the program is safe. I would probably allow it.

If the file is being lauched from a different directory then it could be a virus so check the path to make sure its legit or not.

chas berlin 23rd November 2010 19:44

When it came up I clicked on the file name and got the message, "Cannot locate C:\WINDOWS\system32\WinMsgBalloonClient.exe So I don't know what to think. Though yes, I do use RAIDXpert, not sure if I use the notifier.

Evan Omo 23rd November 2010 20:30

Well if you don't use the notifier and Windows can't even locate the file then you can probably just remove that file from starting up with Windows.

chas berlin 23rd November 2010 20:32

How do I do that?

Evan Omo 23rd November 2010 20:57

Download Autoruns. After you have downloaded the folder extract the contents of the folder and then run the Autoruns.exe file. When the program opens click on the Logon Tab and look for the WinMsgBalloonClient.exe file.

When you find the file highlight it and click the delete button at the top of the window which is a red X button.

You can also remove any other programs that you don't want running at startup if you wish. When you are finished close the program and reboot the computer for the changes to take effect.

chas berlin 23rd November 2010 20:59

Thx Evan. Will do.

chas berlin 23rd November 2010 21:41

It's not listed under the Logon tab.

Evan Omo 23rd November 2010 22:10

Try clicking on the Everything tab and search for it there.

chas berlin 23rd November 2010 22:12

Not there either.

Evan Omo 23rd November 2010 22:21

If its not there then it must be listed as a service in Windows. Try clicking Start< Run and type services.msc and hit enter. Look through the services window and see if you can find a service thats named RaidXpert Event Notifier. I don't know if that program will install that type of service but see if a service resembling that name is listed.

If you do find that service right click it and select properties and then set the startup type to disabled. Click ok wen done.

Hopefully it will be listed as a service in the services window.

chas berlin 23rd November 2010 22:51

Not there either!

Evan Omo 23rd November 2010 23:08

Hmm. This is a tricky one. In Autoruns under the logon tab do you have any startup programs that don't have a name which are just blank? If you do have you verified that the startup items in question don't load the balloonclient.exe file?

If you don't have any blank startup programs then in Comodo see if you can permanently allow the file access so it won't come up anymore.

chas berlin 24th November 2010 00:28

Nothing blank.
There is AMD RAIDExpert Server, which I assume is necessary. (I run an AMD chip. See my system)
cpuz123 has no description and under location it shows File not found. Should I untick this one?

Evan Omo 24th November 2010 05:05

Go ahead and untick it but don't remove the item and reboot the PC and test the issue. If the popup from Comodo is gone after you reboot the PC then you would have found the culprit.

Do you have any other RaidXpert related software starting up with Windows?

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