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Old 1st March 2009   #1
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My System

Imation flash drive mini not recognized by win 98

I just bought an Imation flash drive mini 4GB. It works great on XP but no response on win98 second edition. From the Imation web site, I downloaded file. IMN_MiniW98_AO7213. With flash drive unplugged, i opened this file, rebooted and than plugged my flash drive and it still doesn't work. I did put in a support request in the mean while. I did download a generic usb flash support driver from. Surprisingly sandisk is recognized but I can not safely eject it.

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My System

Solved imation not recognized problem

After doing a websearch, on google. I found this website.

Under FAQ's here is the specific instructions that helped me solve problem:

Q. My computer cannot detect the Flash drive. What should I do?
• Try refreshing the screen by pressing F5. If that still doesn’t work, make sure that your USB port has been enabled in your BIOS setting. You can check your BIOS settings usually by pressing the DEL or F1 key during the boot-up screen.
• If the problem persist, go to Control Panel -> System -> Device Manager . Look for any “Unknown” device and remove them. Unplug the Flash drive from the USB port. Restart your computer again before re-plugging the Flash drive onto the USB port again. Proceed with the usual device driver installation when Windows 98SE reported a new hardware is detected when the Flash drive is plugged into. Follow the Windows 98 setup instructions.
• If you are using Windows 98 / 98SE, make sure that you have installed the drivers for Flash drive correctly. Please note that the drivers need to be installed after the USB port has been enabled.

I had not enabled USB support, so I corrected that first. I opened, imation download file for enabling USB support for win98. I rebooted my computer, plugged my imation flash drive but no response yet. I opened my computer, and clicked on update driver. At one point it ask where I wanted to update driver from. I clicked on search microsoft web site. After that installation proceeded on its own. I am at intermediate level, so I don't know exactly how all this worked. You might say I used the cookbook approach or by rote?

I was not taking notes as I performed these steps so I may have left out a few. If nothing else, I hope the web link helps someone. Frank

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