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Old 22nd May 2008   #1
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Dell LCD Monitor just went black on me

This just happened 9:30 pm CST

I was working at my desktop when all of a sudden my Dell 19" LCD monitor just went black.

NO clicks, snap, crackle or pop; no smoke or odors...just quietly black.

Rebooting the desktop did not resolve the problem. I can't remember if I ever read where these things just go blooey like that with no warning, but if it could happen once a millennium, that would be my luck. Naturally, I was in the midst of doing something very far removed from trivial.

Looking the monitor over, I don't see anything that looks serviceable to me.

Anybody got any suggestions, beyond just pitching it in the trash, I'd sure be glad to hear about it.

Thanks ahead of time for your time and trouble.

TV Johns

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Power down computer.
Reseat power and signal cables (both ends if applicable), restart.

If no go .. Power down computer.
Change out power and signal cable, restart.

If no go .. Power down computer.
Remove monitor outputting black screen. Connect substitute monitor (preferable similar) and power up computer.
If no go, next step would be look for another video card.
If substitute monitor works, original monitor is probably shot.

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