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jafo83 19th November 2010 19:56

Excel 2010 files do not open by double-clicking them in Windows Explorer
We recently upgraded from Microsoft Office 2007 to 2010. The programs (Word, PPT, Excel, etc.) work fine, however, I cannot open Excel 2010 files by double-clicking them in Windows Explorer. When I try "open with" it does not give the option to choose Excel. The only way I can open it is by first opening Excel, then using the "open" option within Excel-->annoying.

Also, this problem is only for 2010 (.xlsx) files; excel files saved in the 97-2003 version (.xls) open fine from Explorer. Does anyone know how to fix this? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

scruff911 6th January 2011 02:27

Same problem
I have the exact same problem and am here looking for an answer or some help. I upgraded from office 2000 to office 2010. My office 2010 works great. All powerpoint, word, etc. files work fine, but the ".xlsx" files will not open when they are double-clicked in windows explorer (excel won't even open, when ".xlsx" files are double-clicked nothing happens). The strange thing is that I can open them up within Excel once Excel is already open, but I still cannot open them by double-clicking on the ".xlsx" files even with Excel open. Many forums online refer to similar problems with error messages; this is not the same, I have no error messages. I have associated the file extension with excel just as the ".xls" files extensions (which work through double-clicking). I've attempted to disassociate the file-type with excel and re-associating but with no luck. I'll try any reasonable suggestions. Thank you.

It is annoying because I can open up old files or files I saved in the old format, but when creating new excel files and saving them with the new file format, my excel which created them will not open them up again unless the method previously mentioned is used.

I have:
Vista x64
Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

wildfire 6th January 2011 05:24

Right click on the file and select "open with..." then "Select a program from list".

If Excel isn't listed you'll have to browse for it (sorry I don't use MS office so I can't tell you the path). Make sure "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" is ticked.

The above is from Windows 7 but Win XP was similar so I'd imagine that would be enough to give you pointers for Vista. If not post back someone will be able to give more precise instructions.

Eraser 6th January 2011 05:59

I thought giving you the path may be helpful, so here it is :-
1.Right Click on the file-Select choose program
2.Click 'Browse' button in the the dialogue box that appears
3. You should get to the 'Programs' folder of windows by default. If not,then browse through My Computer-C: drive-Progarm Files
4. Select 'Microsoft Office' folder
5. Select 'Office' Folder
6. Select the 'Excel' option.
7. Do remember to check the 'Always open these kind of files with this program' radio button in step 2.

See if that helps

wildfire 6th January 2011 06:04

Thanks Eraser, as I indicated I use neither Vista nor MS Office but was surprised that jafo83's question went unanswered for so long over such a simple solution. TBH I'm also surprised that this is an issue with one of MS's flagship products :confused:

Eraser 6th January 2011 06:32

Why Yes !!!
Now I see it the query was of november !!!
Wonder why it took so long !

scruff911 6th January 2011 06:47

.xlsx files will not open with double-clicking
Thanks wildfire and Eraser for the tips. Unfortunately my problem/solution is not so simple. I already did that, I have Excel set as the default program to run these files, but still nothing happens when double-clicking on any ".xlsx" files. I've even gone into my control panel->Programs->Associate a file type with a specific program- to make sure both ".xls" and ".xlsx" files extensions are associated with Excel; they both are and only ".xls" files work with double-clicking.

What's annoying is even with Office 2000 I could open these newer files with compatibility software from Microsoft and I assumed just getting the newest office software would make things even easier, not more difficult. Now I cannot even open up excel files easily in my windows explorer with the program that I just created them with. I've also tried the two solutions given here: "" and it didn't help. The "Ignore other applications" in Advanced Excel options check-box is already cleared. Other information that may help: I just got this office suite November 2010; I'm at a university, so it is a student/faculty license, but it is a personal license which I purchased at a school computer store, so I don't think that would change anything. I have been trying to use 64-bit software since I have a 4-core processor (and most likely in the future more cores). If I remember correctly, I think there may have been some options for that when installing it. I have also tried the repair option through the control panel for "Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010" and still nothing changed. I want to note again that ".docx" and ".doc" files etc. all work fine, just not ".xlsx" files.

I appreciate any help and suggestions; I really hope it's some stupid mistake on my part that can be fixed easily.

Eraser 6th January 2011 07:12

Did you attempt a re-install of the package ? I mean the whole 2010 package(since you have a valid license I guess that would be easy).
Also select the 32bit working option at the install option. See if that helps.
One trick that I found out that works is installing the package on a different partition on the hard drive.
See if it works

scruff911 6th January 2011 07:30

Excel 2010 ".xlsx" extension problem solved
Alright, somehow I found a solution. I recently did two things, one of which or both made it so all my excel extension files work with double-clicking on the files. From looking at forums previously and tinkering around, I went into a command prompt and tried associating .xlsx extensions with excel as my .xls files were; this used the command: "assoc .xlsx=Excel.Sheet.8". This did not seem to help now or before, so I cleared it out completely using the command: "assoc .xlsx=". I believe this may have helped. The second and more important thing (I think) is the following:

from Jennifer Zhan -
First open Registry Editor (Go to Start -> Run -> regedit.exe)
Right click in the right window and choose New -> DWORD
Type “ExtensionHardening” as the name (without the quotes)
Verify that the data has the value “0″

I did this and what seems to have happened is that my file type for ".xlsx" files now shows: Microsoft Excel 97-2003 Worksheet (.xlsx). It still takes up only about half the size of actual 97-2003 worksheets which are really ".xls" which is nice, and it seems to open up in excel when I double-click on them.

Eraser, I did not get to testing out all of your suggestions. I did the repair for the entire office package, and I would have tried re-installing it all if this didn't work out.

Hopefully this post will help others out if they are having the same problems. Thanks again Eraser and wildfire for your time and assistance.

PeteC 6th January 2011 09:22

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Eraser 7th January 2011 07:08

You are most welcome.
and yes the thread should now be marked as resolved

scruff911 7th January 2011 07:24

Though I did most of the asking, I didn't actually start this thread and am unable to mark it as resolved. My last post also lists what the solutions were for my problem. Hopefully jafo83 will see this, maybe they have their problem solved as well, and can mark it as resolved.

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