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hawkeye 3rd April 2007 14:49

Advanced Windows Care2
Advanced Windows Care2 is a free software that provides maintenance and cleaning for Windows XP and has been recommended to me.
Has anyone used it and what is your opinion of the performance.
I cannot find any reports about it'.
Any and all information concerning the use of this software would be appreciated.

charlesvar 3rd April 2007 18:06

Hello hawkeye,

Personally not familiar with it.

Its available at SnapFiles - a reputable source.

Scroll down a bit and read the reviews. Like any software of this nature that affects the systen, it should be used with caution.

Whatever function you want to do, do a little a time and make sure you can get back to the status quo ante. Most programs of this nature have a backup facility plus make use of System Restore - create a manual Restore Point before using.

I'm moving this thread to the Other Software section.

Regards - Charles

hawkeye 3rd April 2007 19:38

Thanks for your reply, as a result now checking & trying Win Patrol
Think I will stay away from Windows Care

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