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gary7 8th March 2014 20:23

Office 2003 After April 8th no updates
I have a full version of Office 2003 installed in my desktop. I only use Word & Outlook 2003 on my Desktop. With MS not supporting Office 2003 after April 8th 2014 How much will this affect my chances of getting a virus using these applications. I have AVG & Malwarebytes installed. It's running xp now but I am going to install W-7 64 bit on it in a few weeks.

I also have Office 2003 on this Dell W-7 premium 64bit laptop with MSE & Malwarebytes installed.

retiredlearner 9th March 2014 01:24

Surely the only concerns will be using MS Word on the internet? Outlook is for Email and will be exposed in transit.
Use Mozilla Thunderbird instead. Neil.

Arie 11th March 2014 12:20

I wouldn't be too worried... Although I'd probably recommend you'll get an anti-virus that's capable of scanning your incoming email.

gary7 11th March 2014 17:38

OK, thanks Arie..

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