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IF you can't install java because it says it's already installed..see here

I have been days trying to find a solution to this problem, and thanks to this site i found the answer. but because the thread was more than 30 days old i couldn't reply to it.

but i noticed tonnes of ppl all over the internet were having the same problem so i thought i'd repost it here to save ppl the heartache i had.

I had installed java, and used BOTH the windows add/remove program and the windows installer. The java icon kept showing up in my control panel. and referring to a location that no longer exists. (no kidding i uninstalled it).

i went to java to reinstall it. said i couldn't because it was already installed. would i care to reinstall. click yes. then it would tell me that it's not currently on my system. like ***?

so here are some things i found out. if you want to remove the java icon from control panel, you have to go thru files, view hidden files and subfolders. then do a search for .cpl files. find the one that says java and control panel and del it.

i also went thru my main drive and deleted the whole java folder from c:\programs (yours may have a different path depending on where u installed to). i also went to the windows shared program and deleted it from there.

i also went to c:\programs\sun and del the whole sunfile as java is the only thing i'm running fr that company

what solved my problem was this tip i found on this site

go to start>run in the box type REGEDIT

this will bring up your windows registry. BE CAREFUL.

your looking for java/javasoft registry keys and folders.

some are in Hkey>currentuser> (((note: u may have to check the subfolders i had to))) your loooking for javasoft, del the whole folder

some are under HKEY_LOCAL-MACHINE. again check the subfolders, and find java/javasoft and del the whole folder<s>.

do not touch anything else.***very important*** u don't want to mess up your keys.

also if your nervoous you can go to file>export and export the file BEFORE u play with the keys, if you mess up, u just go to file>import and it will put everything back in place

on the sun java site they also said to go thru the Hkey_local_machine/software/microsoft/windows/currentversions/uninstall

and look for java and remove it. also to go to c:\programfiles\installshieldinstallationinfo and look for java and remove.

i did these 2 steps prior to the step i got off this site and it din't help. so i would suggest doing the steps i mentioned FIRST then if it's still not gone, u can do those last 2.

i should mention that i had the latest version of java installed and am using winXP. lots of luck. hope no one has to search for days like i did. and ty wbbs for helping me with this annoying problem

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Hi nsangel Welcome to windowsBBS

Did you try JavaRA before messing with registry/deleting files etc?

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