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Old 17th May 2008   #1
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My System

Moving iTunes Folder and "My Music" Folder

I've read on this site and others about moving "My Music" folder but I'm still confused, I want to move the "My Music" folder on my C drive to another internal drive I've named M. I have some music files (or folders) that are in the "My Music" folder that have not been imported into iTunes folder. Questions:

1. Since "My Music" folder includes iTunes I have read I need to be careful about doing this so I assume I need to first move the iTunes folder, right?

2. Following the directions to move the iTunes folder > Keep iTunes Music folder organized > Edit > Preferences > Advanced > General Tab > Change > I would then navigate to my "M" drive > Click the make new folder button > Enter the name of the new iTunes Music folder.
Okay what do you name this folder, iTunes? Before doing this process should I create a folder on my "M" drive named either "My Music" or "My Music 2" so this new iTunes folder can be put inside it?

3. The next step says to choose Consolidate Library but what to do next confuses me.

A. One quote I've found says: "Now you can delete the original iTunes music folder. However, be careful not to delete the iTunes library files. These will be in the same location as the iTunes music folder. If you delete them, iTunes won't recognize the songs in the library."

B. Another Quote: "After the folder has been copied, locate your original iTunes Music folder, and drag it to the Recycle Bin. Note: Don't remove the iTunes library files that may be in the same location as the iTunes Music folder."

Okay so inside the "My Music" folder is located the iTunes folder and inside it is a "iTunes Music Library", a "iTunes Library" and all the individual music files. What specifically do I delete and what do I keep?

After moving the iTunes folder is it alright at this time to start dragging all the music files inside the "My Music" folder on my C drive to my M drive?

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My System
If using XP, My Musics and iTunes are in My Documents. Create a new folder on the other drive called My Documents > rt click My Documents icon on Desktop > select Properties > click Move button > select the newly created My Documents folder on other drive > answer yes to move all files.

Doing it this way, the operating system will retain the environment variables so that all installed software knows where My Documents and its sub directories are located.

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