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Old 21st April 2003   #1
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taskbar toolbars greyed out ?

When I right click on the windows task bar and select "toolbars", all of the toolbar dropdown options are "greyed out" (not selectable).

I did try taskbar properties and some other obvious controls to resolve this, but as with most user-hostile windows controls, nothing obvious fixes the problem...

What do I do to change the options to selectable???

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Old 21st April 2003   #2
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I thought I had posted this earlier today BUT I must have left without submitting

I am not an expert but the folders for the various toolbars etc are :

Quick Launch :

%AppData\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch

Links :


Desktop :

%UserProfile\Desktop and %AllUsersProfile%\Desktop

Perhaps there may be something in the folders to help find the answer.

Have you tried Safe Mode to see if they are greyed out there. If it has only happened - you could try ' My last good ..... '

I would reckon you have tried to restore defaults in the properties section of the task bar ...... probably has nothing to do with the greyed out functions.

Hope something here helps to solve the mystery. I have a greyed out function in Word which drives me mad & I still haven't found the answer........

I think taskbars do things suddenly without asking

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Old 23rd April 2003   #3
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: Hollywood Beach Florida
Posts: 257
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less and less every day..
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Credit "Mosaic1" on the Winguides forum. Below is what resolved the problem, however I would urge anyone to research necessary precautions before editing the registry.

Open the Registry and go to the toolbar to Edit>Find
Type in "ClassicShell"
Perform the search.
If you find ClassicShell in the right Pane. Right click on it and delete.
Press F3 to continue. Let the registry keep searching until you get a message that it has finished.
Log off and back on to see the change.

Now, how and why my registry got this way, I have no idea, but probably occured during install of some flaky software....

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