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jacrabbit 23rd May 2010 08:37

Hyperlinks blocked after Google Chrome uninstal
Running windows 7 with Microsoft Office 2007
After un-installing Google Chrome (missed the download with check box) all hyperlinks in outlook will not work :confused:
After trying various fixes including one from microsoft, I bit the bullet & re-installed Chrome & all the Hyperlinks work again! :eek:
Un-instal Chrome from the start menus link, originally I un-installed it from add remove, and the hyperlinks again will not work :mad:

Does anyone know of a fix that works?

Having chrome installed is not a problem (talking about the wife computer hers doesn't have as much installed as mine) but it is annoying that she can not use the Hyperlinks in Outlook with out it being installed :mad:

regards Jac

Steve R Jones 23rd May 2010 09:03

Look for the "set program access and default" option in Windows and make use IE is set as the default browser.

jacrabbit 23rd May 2010 09:32

Hi Steve,
Done this, didn't work unfortunately, also tried repair on Microsoft Office 2007


Arie 23rd May 2010 13:21

There are many people complaining about it and several suggestions as to what actually worked.

I haven't tried it myself, but I would start by trying this one:
  1. Reinstall Chrome
  2. Make it the default browser
  3. In IE8 Tools > Internet options > Programs tab set IE to check to be the default browser
  4. Open Default Programs (type in the Start Search box), and in the Set Associations change everything mentioning Google Chrome back to its relevant program
  5. Uninstall Chrome

jacrabbit 24th May 2010 08:26

Thanks for the suggestion Arie, but it still didn't work, so I've re-installed it! but as the wife says "she can access her email!"
Now how do I put in a major complaint in regards this pain in the arse called chrome! Ok I admit I missed the check box & installed it with something else, very unintensionally!
Regards Jac

Arie 24th May 2010 18:00

OK, I installed chrome & when you uninstall it asks you which browser you want as default (maybe it only asks you if you have more then one browser installed as I did).

I selected IE and it 'complied' :)

So try that.

Now I did try this on my Virtual XP... I don't have any other virtual machines with me (I'm traveling & using my laptop), and I won't attempt this on my main machine.

jacrabbit 1st June 2010 08:09

Hi Arie, sorry for not getting back to you sooner,
When un-Installing chrome it does not ask which browser I want as default, possibly due to only having IE8 installed?
On my last attempt I searched all possible connections to chrome and reset those to appropriate programs
Due to work commitments I haven't had a great deal of time to spend digging deeper into the confusion, I hopefully will be able to get to it possibly this weekend, unless I plug the TV into mine & hope the wife doesn't Notice ;)
will post back as soon as I can
Regards Jac

goddez1 2nd June 2010 20:06

Give this a shot:

#88, left side, named: "set default web browser in windows.

This will down load a tool that when executed will have a three step process of to-dos.
Make sure no browser is opened.

Click on the "set browser" shortcut

select browser

make sure all preferred extensions are selected. (That's all of them on the list).

autofind or browse to the chosen browser *.exe. ie; firefox.exe, iexplore.exe etc.

Set browser

Note that the default you desire is shown as default. Use test link to confirm that your preferred browser is now default.

jacrabbit 3rd June 2010 08:01

Thanks Goddez,
will give it a go as soon as I can in the next few days

regards Jac

jacrabbit 5th June 2010 06:18

Thanks Again Goddez,
Great fix worked first go, un-installed chrome then ran the fix everything now works as it should, I'll remember to check all the boxes next time or is that un-check all the boxes?

Regards Jac

goddez1 5th June 2010 18:46

Hi jacrabbit,

Yahoo!. Glad this worked for you. Thank you for remembering to come back and share the results.

All extensions are to be checked. I believe they are checked by default but never trust an api doddab or windows to work as expected. A look see/check is just extra insurance.

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