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How to receive ALL Outlook emails on both laptop and desktop

I have one home desktop and one laptop that are wirelessly networked with a simply router. Although I am using the same email address, some emails end up in my laptop and some in my desktop, depending on the computer from which I sent an original message. How do I link these two so ALL emails to my email address on Outlook come to BOTH computers? I appreciate your help. It is OUTLOOK 2003.

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My System
Hi, welcome to WindowsBBS.

Set OL on both computers to Leave a copy of messages on the server. You can find this setting from Account properties > More Settings > Advanced tab.

I suggest checking Remove from server after xx days. Then choose a number of days that will ensure you'll receive a copy on both computers.

If you don't remove messages from the server, your email box at your ISP might get full, and won't be receiving new messages.

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Alternative solution

Originally Posted by gldosher
How do I link these two so ALL emails to my email address on Outlook come to BOTH computers? I appreciate your help. It is OUTLOOK 2003.
The above answer works. There are a few other options.

1) If your desktop is permanently switched on then you can set up your email on the desktop to forward it to another email account which is directed to the laptop

2) You can set up both laptop and desktop to have a message rules so that they forward to alternative email addresses on the other PC

3) Your ISP may allow you to set up your account such that any emails it receives are forwarded to another email address - ie a special one for the laptop. You would need to set the same 'Reply to' on both the desktop and laptop.

4) Instead of using a POP3 account use an IMAP account, provided your ISP supports this. They often do but do not advertise it widely.

5) Use a GMAIL account and set that up with IMAP

I am sure other people here have described how IMAP works. It's more like a business system. All your emails are continually stored on the server (eg the GMAIL server) and are then accessible from any computer in the world via Outlook, windows mail or whatever other email client you use that supports IMAP.

Total flexibility only comes if you run your own SMTP server - but that's a whole new ballgame.

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My System
I use Arie's solution (with Thunderbird) but have also set up two additional e-mail addresses "" and "".

The laptop is set to Bcc a copy of any e-mail I send to the desktop, and vise-versa. I then set up message rules on each machine to mark the Bcc'd mail as read and move it to the "sent" folder, that way I have a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages on each computer.

My desktop runs 24/7 so it leaves a copy on the server, and I set up a rule on the laptop to delete any messages older than 30 days. I have corporate web hosting with massive disk space though, so I am lucky enough to not have to worry about filling it up with e-mail!

If you don't run the desktop 24/7, then the only safe way is to use the "leave a copy on the server" rule on each machine, then manually delete a load of e-mails once a month or so, when you know that both machines have downloaded the latest mail.

The Gmail IMAP or similar option is fine, but in my opinion it doesn't look very professional to not use your own domain name in a business scenario.

Prcotter makes a valid point though, there are a lot of ISP's that have IMAP facility as well as POP3, but they don't openly advertise it as it's encouraging customers to fill up ISP disk space... and that ultimately costs the ISP extra money!!


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