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Old 19th June 2007   #1
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XMNT 2002 Program not found - Skipping Autocheck

This is the message I am getting whenever I boot up my computer. Can anyone offer me an explanation and a solution to this bug please

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Old 23rd June 2007   #2
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It's not really a bug and I've had it myself in the past (that's why I know how to 'solve' it now).
It has something to do with your disks needed being checked but the info it BEING checked not been removed from registry

you can have a look at and

HKLM/system/controlset001/control/session manager doe have (or need) an entry (REG_MULTI_SZ) 'BootExecute' with value 'autocheck autochk'

If you used a tool like O&O Defrag it might have added an entry into the register (sometimes a * is being added in the bootexcetute line) see

Also might help

I hope by now you will have enough info to understand the problem and solve it yourself

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