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LumberGumRubber 17th November 2012 07:17

IE10 not saving passwords
I've been through the ropes (I think) as to why IE10 is not saving *all* passwords. Some sites it works - others it does not. Anyone with a *how* as to overcoming this?
If I have posted this question in some form on this forum previously, please forgive. I've been onto other forums and losing track now where I've been. As you can guess, I'm getting nowhere as to how to fix this if indeed there is a fix. At this point, it sure doesn't appear to be any unless ........................

Arie 17th December 2012 12:38

List all security software you use. If you have software that removes cookies you'll run into this kind of problems.

In Internet Explorer 10, select Internet Options and click the Delete button in the Browsing history section. Make sure that Preserve Favorites website data is checked and Cookies and website data is not checked.

Also see:
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LumberGumRubber 17th December 2012 20:28

IE 10 not saving passwords
Arie, in order to get Windows Defender to work here on Windows 8, I've gone against my grain and uninstalled / completely removed Norton 360 / MalwareBytes / SuperAntiSpyware.

I have to have something on here for protection, so temporarily am using Avast. I've deleted the history etc but up to this point, IE10, like its predecessor(s) will not save passwords. Once in a while it will, but not consistently.

LumberGumRubber 18th December 2012 00:14

Ok, here's the latest of the latest update on Windows Defender. I roared off into the Registry and cleaned out remnants of MalwareBytes / SuperAntiSpyware / Avast / AVG / and even Norton.

Then I galloped into the Action center and was able to find Windows Defender (which was not even showing before) and cranked it on. Everything is running ok now.

But again, this stems from the fact that Windows 8 hangs on Restarting once in a bit. If I find it still hangs here and there, Norton 360 is going back on. If it doesn't hang anymore, I'll subscribe to one agent from Microsoft that does not recommend Norton. That's an opinion of course.

Thought I should mention this and call this one a closed case.

Arie 18th December 2012 12:10

Windows 8 includes Windows Defender, a complete Malware & Anti-Virus service. See: Windows Defender and Windows SmartScreen fight viruses and other malware

I would have only one recommendation and that would be to do an IE Reset (on the Advanced tab from Internet Options).

Which reminds me: Are we talking about the IE10 Desktop application or the "Metro" version?

LumberGumRubber 18th December 2012 15:20

I've done the Reset last week. It's a no go. It's a hit and miss thing as to saving Passwords. This morning, it asked me - that's the first time in a bit that it's done that. It won't again for another week of trying.

Yea Arie, it's IE10 and the Password will not work consistently in either IE10 Desktop or Metro.

If you've further advice, I'll take it. Thanks for your reply!

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