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Old 19th February 2005   #1
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download won't complete problem

hi, guys.
Recently many computers running xp in our school LAN run into a same problem.
When we are trying to download some file with IE using the ""
command, the process progresses untill 99% and nothing happens ever since.
If we use some download software such as Jetcar, the downloading can be
Is this has nothing to do with virus or bugs of IE?


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At the 99% mark in a file download Windows is recreating the file into the dir of user choice. Basically taking the downloaded file from a temporary location and putting into the dir the user chose to save it to.

Try clearing out the temporary IE files, and the users temp dir and see if that fixes the problem.

You may want to check the IE cache limit setting in IE properties to be sure the cahe size is large enough to accomodate the files being downloaded as well.

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