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My System won't open

I'm not sure I'm posting this in the right forum, but here goes.

My wife and I returned home this afternoon after being away a few days. When she turned on her laptop her default home page,, wouldn't open. She can send and receive e-mails, she can open all the other Web sites we've tried, but just that one site won't open. We tried getting it on her default browser, SeaMonkey, and also on IE 8 with the same unhappy result. Yet opens just fine on my desktop.

I restarted the laptop in Safe Mode and ran a full Norton A-V scan, which found nothing amiss, then I ran a Malwarebytes scan with the same results. COMODO firewall is on and Windows firewall is off. All her programs are up to date except we haven't yet gotten the Win 7 SP1.

The specs for her laptop are much the same as those in my desktop, which I've detailed in my signature, below.

Any ideas why she can't get Google to show up? Is there some program on her system which may have blocked somehow and I can clear that? Any ideas?

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My System

Read this post, then post the requested log(s) in the Malware and Virus Removal forum.

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