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Old 21st August 2005   #1
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1-Click Answers, Answer Bar not working

I'm running both IE and Mozilla on W2k Pro. A while back I installed AnswerCom (was it from a suggestion in your newsletter?) and found it quite useful. Lately, the Answer Bar (on the side) has stopped functioning although AnswerCom is working in the tool bars of both browsers. The Answer Bar loaded OK, data can be entered in it, but it doesn't connect (even though AnswerCom in the tool bars works fine).

I've reloaded and updated the extension for AnswerCom from Mozilla. I've reloaded AnswerCom a couple of times, following the loading instructions at their site. They don't seem to have any place to ask questions at their site. Like I said, I found it useful so I would like to get it back. Anyone using it and have any suggestions?


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Old 21st August 2005   #2
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Hiya Jim,

Have you seen this page:

It's possible your problem is addressed there. I see they also have a support email address.


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Old 23rd August 2005   #3
Join Date: Jan 2003
Location: Maryland
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Thanks! It was under my nose, so obvious I didn't see it. I had seen the FAQ page, including the reference to tagging the default browser. However, since I installed Mozilla way back, it's been functioning as my default and I "assumed" it was so tagged. But just to be sure, I called up the Set Defaults Page in the Add/Remove Programs and lo and behold, it indicated "use current" but neither IE nor Mozilla were tagged. I tagged Mozilla and whopee. Thanks for the quick and easy fix. Excuse me while I hide my head in shame. Thanks again.


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