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Old 30th June 2009   #1
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Firefox links don't open

When I click on a link in an e-mail using Firefox as my default browser, they will not open in Firefox. This applies to PDF and SWF links i.e. PDF LINK: CLICK HERE (Link:
Similarly on my banking site I can only get partial access to the web sites. When I change to Internet Explorer they all work just fine and I have no problems.
Can anyone help explain what I need to do to solve this problem.

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Old 2nd July 2009   #2
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The PDF link opens in FF 3.5, and I have had no problem with three banking sites.
There is an outside chance that certain sites are hard coded for IE.
Two possible solutions: 1. copy the address from IE, and paste it into Firefox.
2. Best with hard coded cases is to use the IE Tab add-on.

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Old 23rd July 2009   #3
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Ramesh Srinavasan's "Default Browser" ( did the trick for me with one click.

Frank D

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Old 24th July 2009   #4
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You might want to take a look at this Mozilla firefox knowledge base article Setting Firefox as the default browser does not work

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Old 19th August 2009   #5
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FF is set for my default browser, and links don't work.
I tried the "Default Browser" software and it made no difference.

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